Dedicated to childhood cancer research

About us

In September 2017 our lives changed forever when our 4 year old daughter, Ruby, was diagnosed with very high risk metastatic alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. A cancer we had never heard of. Two and a half years later, following intense chemotherapy, radiotherapy and multiple medical interventions, she passed away. She didn’t reach her seventh birthday.
Ruby with Mum and Dad

We’ve been consumed by the world of childhood cancer, learned things we never wanted to know and felt the devastation of diagnosis, relapse and death. We want to do what we can to change things. Change the prognosis. Change the treatment. Change the outcomes. Share our experience, raise awareness and support others.

We want to see a future where children don’t have their lives forever changed or lost to a horrific cancer.

Who we work with

To try and achieve these aims, we work with:

Super Ruby’s Rhabdo Raiser

In 2019, following Ruby’s relapse, we set up a “Special Named Fund” with CCLG – Super Ruby’s Rhabdo Raiser. We started raising money as a family. Following her death we continue, with the support of family and friends, in her name, for as long as it takes.

This is Ruby’s legacy. She didn’t want any child to go through what she endured. She wanted to help others. She also wanted to have fun! So we try to raise money in the spirit of Ruby and do things she would have enjoyed.

Ruby running

Where the money goes

All of the money raised and donated to Ruby’s CCLG named fund goes directly towards research into better treatments for rhabdomyosarcoma. You can read more about how CCLG invest the money raised.

Childhood cancer is dismally underfunded. Global investment in cancer research is huge; billions are spent annually. Of those billions, only 4% is directed to childhood cancers. Only a tiny proportion of that is invested in rhabdomyosarcoma research. So we fundraise and we lobby, because our children deserve better.

Please help us if you can.

Ruby giving the thumbs up