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The Unicorn With The Ruby Horn

Towards the end of June 2019, a lovely man who lives locally read Ruby’s story on the CCLG website. There was a line in the story that moved him and–due to his amazingly generous character–inspired him into action. He wanted to do something positive. To try and help.

The man’s name was Kevin Anderson. All we knew of Kevin at the time was that he was a very friendly man who lived in the village with his young family and he liked to wave to people! He was an acquaintance rather than a friend.

Kev Anderson

After reading Ruby’s story, Kev contacted us with an idea. He wanted to write a book for Ruby. A book about unicorns, but also about being different, about acceptance and diversity. Kev is a storyteller and he wanted to put his considerable skills into delivering something that would not only raise money for rhabdomyosarcoma research, but lift Ruby’s spirits at the same time.

Kev quickly had the story written and set about finding an illustrator, publisher, sponsors and crowdfunding to take the vision into print.

Through the generosity of Eileen McGinley, who donated all of her time to provide the illustrations, plus individual and corporate donations, Kev’s story was coming to life.

Eileen McGinley

Within a matter of months, ‘The Unicorn with the Ruby Horn’ became a reality and by early December, thanks to Kev, his parents and lots of helpers, over 1000 copies had been sold and dispatched, raising well in excess of £10,000 for rhabdomyosarcoma research.

The Unicorn With The Ruby Horn book

As Ruby’s health deteriorated rapidly in the weeks before her death, the book brought us fun, focus and friendship. So many visitors getting their books signed, Christmas fayres and an appearance at the Santa parade in Edinburgh’s Ocean Terminal all brought much needed light in what would otherwise have been a very dark time.

Ruby and Kev

A second edition of ‘The Unicorn with the Ruby Horn’ is now available.