Dedicated to childhood cancer research

The Earthquake of Equestria

by Olivia Robertson, age 10

It was a foggy morning; the sun was lurking over the hills in the distance. You could just about catch a glimpse of the glass-looking lake over the courtyard of Canterlot High School. BonBon could hear the rustling and bustling of the unicorns outside of her closed window.

BonBon’s alarm went off next to her pink pillows with her teal pom poms wrapped in her periwinkle purple curly hair. She rolled over to turn it off but fell out of bed not knowing how close she was to the edge.


“Ouch!” she yelped landing on a pair of tap shoes. “Who put these here?!” BonBon asked no-one giggling to herself at her little accident.

She stood up and pulled out the uncomfortable tap shoe that had managed to wriggle its way into her shoulder blades!

BonBon untangled the pom pom’s out of her hair, stood up, pulled her chartreuse and sapphire uniform on and tied her peach hair ribbon into her ponytails.

Trotting quietly downstairs she bumped into her best friend, Lady, who was coming up the stairs in a hurry and was not paying any attention bumped into BonBon. “Oh I’m Sorry I- Oh! BonBon! It’s you” Lady exclaimed seeing the sight of her best friend. “You’re coming up these stairs in a hurry.”

BonBon looked suspiciously at Lady. “Guess what I did, I set up some needles on Mr.Davenport’s chair so when he sits down he’s going to have a bed of nails in his too-” Lady stopped quickly and sharply.

“What’s wrong Lady?” BonBon questioned. “Look” Lady murmured under her breath as if she didn’t want to be heard. BonBon spinned around slowly. It was the principal’s daughter Diamond. “Well hello Miss. Candy Floss!” Diamond snarled. “Hey Windsong!” Diamond said, glancing over BonBon’s shoulder.

“He-” she was cut-off before she could say anything else, the girl’s feet started to shake beneath them, rubble was falling from the high ceiling above their heads! They fell onto their bottom’s. The floor started to fall apart, they could hear the teacher’s yelling for everyone to evacuate, everything they loved was being destroyed.

All three galloped to the big, tall doors before they collapsed behind them. Pushing through the golden gates escaping before the ground was swallowed up beneath them!

Everyone stood in shock, all that was left in front of them was rubble. Doors scattered, paintings, trays and railings lying in the middle of the mess.

“I feared this would happen” Mrs Pink-Eye spoke up from behind them. She pulled a big cup of pink liquid out from her lab coat pocket.

“Everyone drink this” she said handing everyone a glass of the liquid. The girl’s gulped it down, as if by magic every unicorn around them turned into mermaids!

“Go quickly before the aftershocks begin,” Mrs.Po said. Everybody swam down and saw their new home.

ATLANTIS! The home of mermaids!

Every single mermaid that day started to love their new lives in their new home.

The End