Dedicated to childhood cancer research

Clouds vs Robots

by Jakob Mackay, P4 (age 8-9)

Once upon a time there was a world above the earth called cloud city. It was a normal day at cloud city but then there were loud bumps bump a bump and a bump. The robots are rising…….

The boss cloud said “Get ready, the war is coming”. So, they started building. Then, the general said “Lets release the cloud bot”. So they released the cloud bot. The robots are here. The general said “Attack!!!” So, they started fighting, but then they saw something. One of the clouds joined the robot army. The cloud general said “How could you do this? Why?” But one of the other clouds shot the traitor.

The boss said “We need to get more help”. “Don’t worry, we will help you” Ruby said. One of the clouds said “it’s Super Ruby!” Ruby said “I have an army of unicorns, the Explorer and the Unisaurous Rex”. Ruby said “attack!”

A city in the clouds

The robots were fighting Ruby’s army. Ruby’s army were too powerful but the robots shot lasers out of their eyes! The Explorer jumped on the robot and pulled the blue wire. It stopped the lasers!

Ruby said “that is better, but can you shut off the robot?”

The Explorer said “I can’t”.

Ruby asked “why can’t you?”

“Because the switch is broken.”

“I can try and fix it” said Ruby.

“OK, do it fast, hurry!”


Ruby’s army was still fighting. The Explorer fixed the button. He pressed it and the robots shut off, but the evil Rain King was coming, so everyone got prepared. “Everyone get ready! Go!!!!!!” Everyone is fighting but the unicorn was fighting the King. Then, the unicorn blasted the King into space!

The cloud King said “Thank you for protecting our village”. Ruby said “No problem, always here to help.” So she flew away to her own world.

The End